In pictures: Prague’s iconic Charles Bridge

very touching

On the Luce

The Charles Bridge – or Karlův Most – is one of Prague’s most iconic, and busiest, sights. Built in the late 14th century, it was the only way to get across the Vltava River for nearly 500 years.

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Fresco Deco of Dambulla

great pictures

What an Amazing World!

Suresh drives the old minivan with a constant speed, en route to Anuradhapura. It is still hours away from noon, yet I have already felt so sleepy. Suddenly Suresh talks to me while pointing his finger at a rugged landscape to my left. “The cave temple is up there,” he says. “We will go there after going back from Anuradhapura.” I nod while trying to read some shop signs on the road side to find out where we are ─ still with the sleepy eyes. Finally I manage to read some Latin words among intricate Sinhalese and Tamil letters and learn that we are somewhere near the town of Dambulla.

I did not know a lot about Dambulla prior to arriving at this island nation. But it was a picture of the interior of the cave which I saw at a tourist information office at Colombo Fort train station that…

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Bonne et mauvaise nouvelle… / Good News and Bad News

Cela fait un moment que je n’ai rien publié. J’ai dû en effet mettre mon projet de volontariat en veille.

Les raisons ?

Une tonne de paperasse à venir à bout

Un nouveau boulot à trouver

Et surtout, il ne faut pas oublier que c’est les vacances. Je me suis donc octroyée un petit break).

Résultat des courses :

J’ai trouvé un nouveau travail ce qui m’oblige à repousser les 2 semaines de volontariat en Inde. Je pense pouvoir partir en septembre/octobre 2013.

Vu la vitesse à laquelle les choses avançaient c’est peut être pas plus mal.



It’s been a while since I posted something but I had to put my project in sleep mode.

Why ?

A lot of paperwork to deal with

A new job to look for

And more important, let’s not forget it’s vacation time. Therefore I decided to take a few days off.

 Bottom line:

I found a new job and now I have to postpone my volunteer work trip to India. I think I can reschedule it for September or October 2013.

Not a bad thing if you consider how slow this project goes.

Une petite pause/Taking a break

Tout est dans le titre.

Je perds pied face à cette montagne de paperasse, mais je ne peux plus remettre ça a plus tard. Une petite pause le temps de tout régler.

All is said.

I am drowning under paperwork but I really cannot delay anymore. Just a lil break to deal with all this.

Post de remerciement/Thank you Post

Hourra !!!

Ma tirelire pèse un peu plus lourd, pour cela je tiens à remercier les personnes suivantes pour leur « généreuse » contribution :

–          @EdEdd – 50 euros et je dis supprime 5 de mes amis qu’il « déteste » sur Facebook.

–          @MamieJeaninne – 200 euros, sans rien me demander en retour. Voilà un beau geste totalement désintéressé.

–          @MarylineTientsin – pour une promesse de don de 100 euros, si je tiens 1 semaine sans fumer. Dure semaine en perspective.



My piggy bank is getting heavier and I’d like t to thank the following persons for their generosity:

–          @EdEdd – 50 euros, to unfriend 5 people he hates on Facebook.

–          @MamieJeaninne – 200 euros, and she didn’t ask for anything in return. A totally selfless gesture.

–          @MarylineTientsin – who promised me 100 euros if I quit smoking for a week. It’s gonna be a hard week.

Traitement ou pas/Treatment or no treatment???

Pour certains, le traitement antipaludéen est inutile. Qu’en pensez-vous ?

Some people think the antimalarial treatment is useless. What do you think?